Feeding through

Discover our products for the implementation of compressed air and electrical signals. Our highlight in the area of feedthroughs, the DDF Multi Swivel, prevents twisting of air and/or vacuum lines during endless rotary movements, so that rotating tools are elegantly supplied with drive energy.

In addition to our DDF Multi-Swivel, we also offer feed-through modules that match our Connectors: the MEK Multi Energy Coupling and the SEK Energy Coupling.


SEK Energy Coupling

The SEK Energy Coupling is a SHW Connector accessory that enables the transmission of energy, air and vacuum.

Details & Sizes

MEK-PM Multi-Energy-Coupling

The MEK-PM Multi-Energy Coupling is a further development of our MEK series. The inlets and outlets for the pneumatic and electrical lines are horizontally arranged. This reduces the height profile of the MEK-PM. Pneumatic hoses can be connected to the coupling by means of push-in fittings (connection M5).

Details & Sizes

MEK Multi-Energy-Coupling

The MEK Multi-Energy-Coupling is an MGW Connector accessory to that enables the transmission of energy, air and vacuum.

Details & Sizes

MEK-R Multi-Energy-Coupling

The MEK-R Multi-Energy-Coupling is a further development of our MEK series.  The four air feedthroughs are equipped with check valves on the robot side. This allows the MGW-R coupling to be released under activated compressed air. In addition, the electrical contacts on the MEK-R have been replaced with spring contacts.

Details & Sizes

DDF Multi Swivel

Solution for the rotatable feed-through of 2 to 4 compressed air or vacuum lines.

The compressed air is fed through channels inside the DDF. This prevents twisting of the pneumatic lines during endless rotary movements.